The NEW Trekker Aussie is ready!

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Trekker Aussie suede   1399 €

TrekkerAussie 1399 €

New Grip Suede on the seat and thigh rolls to give you extra safety, comfort and style.

The Aussie has been developed together with specialists in Australian riding and has already received fantastic feedback.

The Trekker Aussie has all the unique features of the Trekker and additionally safe thigh rolls. The beautifully designed thigh rolls are padded and slightly flexible and therefore comfortable for the rider unlike in many other Australian saddles in which they are traditionally quite hard. This makes the Trekker Aussie a versatile saddle for many types of riding. You can for example ride the rising trot comfortably.

Short, lightweight and compact. No flap that needs space. Therefore the Aussie suits also horses with a far back reaching shoulder and a compact back. Suits ponies, Arabs etc. as well as big horses.

All the Trekkers suit horses of different widths from narrow to table-top. You can adjust the amazing pommel width between 26–36 cm by winding the horizontal bar   VIDEO   VIDEO 2

How to change the seat size between 16–18": Video

The comfortably cushioned Soft Foam panels are available in 42.5 cm / 45.5 cm.

The Trekkers are flexible between the pommel and the cantle and adapt under the rider's weight so that the saddle follows the horse's contour and fits like a glove.

The weight distribution is excellent and the shock absorption is better than in hard-treed saddles.

Colours: Black, Brown.

Padded fenders with velcro knee blocks with stirrup leathers, length 51–60 cm 279.00 €

Trekker Short Fenders without knee blocks, 47–57 cm, with stirrup leathers 198 €
The stirrups are not included in the price of the fenders.

Top quality and a lovely design made by our European saddlery.

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Trekker Aussie 1399 €

Trekker Aussie Suede 1399 €

Trekker Aussie Luxury 1490,00 €