Trekker Ibero 1596.00 €

Trekker – the saddle of my life. 


Fabulous design and luxury for the horse and the rider. 
Elegant for classical dressage riders. Safe and comfortable for trail and hobby riders and as well as all rounders

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Two options:
1) Seat, knee and thigh blocks and pommel of suede for a good grip  
2) Seat, knee and thigh blocks and pommel of leather 


The seat is soft – probably more comfortable than your favourite sofa. Warm to sit in in the winter.
A high, padded cantle for a secure seat.
Big, soft knee blocks with a beautiful design.
The panels (42.5 cm / 45.5 cm) under the saddle are filled with our special Soft Foam and are comfortable for the horse. 
You can adjust the position of the panels and therefore the width of the channel between the panels in all the Trekker models.

The pommel width is adjustable between 26–36 cm and the seat size is adjustable between 16–18" like in all the Trekkers.    VIDEO    VIDEO 2

The structure between the pommel and the cantle is flexible: the saddle adapts under the rider's weight so that it fits all types of backs.

Made of Italian and German top quality leather and suede. Underside of Italian quality Cordura that makes the saddle light and easy to care for.
Elegant, carefully designed details.
A stunning, timeless design.  

How the models differ from each other
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