Trekker Pony Talent 1190,00 €


The Trekker Pony Talent – sthe little sibling of the Trekker True Talent, one of our bestsellers!

There is no flap that would need space: easy to fit even on a short-backed pony who has strong shoulders.

Suits ponies and horses of all types and sizes from Shetlands to Shires.

• Every Trekker Saddle is flexible between the pommel and the cantle:  
it adapts under the rider's weight and follows the shape of the pony's back. 

• It allows the pony to round his back and bend freely. 

Adjustable by the owner: the pommel width, seat size, position of the soft panels underneath.

The ulra comfortable, soft and secure seat size is adjustable between 14"–16".VIDEO Very handy for a growing rider. The distance between the pommel and the cantle is 37 cm at the maximum size.

• Light-weight, 3.5 kg. Easy to carry for the young owner.
• Length of the panels: 35 cm. Luxuriously softly cushioned towards the pony.

• The softly padded, high cantle provides security and comfort.
• Two pairs of stirrup hooks for individual needs.  

• The pommel width can be adjusted by winding the horizontal bar of the pommel. VIDEO

• Colours: Black / Brown / Two-tone black-brown. Other colours and suede available at request.
• Examples of colours that can be ordered. Green, yellow and blue leather is also available.


• Also available: Trekker Short Fenders198 € / pair. Colour: Brown / Black. Length: 47–57 c.m


• Quality Cordura under the saddle. Lightweight and easy to maintain. 
• Handmade in the E.U. of German and Italian quality leather by our master saddles.

Photos of the Pony Talent 

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