Trekker Pony Talent 1580.00 €


The Trekker Pony Talent – the little sibling of the Trekker True Talent, one of our bestsellers!

The Trekker is easy to fit because it is flexible between the pommel and the cantle.
Therefore the sadddle adapts under the rider's weight to the horse's shape and fits like a glove.
The unique, flexible structure of the saddle allows the horse to round his back, bend and move freely. 

Light-weight, 3.5 kg, although the Trekker is not a thin treeless riding pad but a real saddle. Easy to carry.

You can easily adjust the ultra soft and safe seat between 14–16". VIDEO Very handy for a growing rider.
The distance between the pommel and the cantle at maximum seat size: 37 cm

You can adjust the width yourself by turning the horizontal bar in the middle of the pommel. VIDEO

Length of the adjustable Soft Foam panels: 35 cm. The saddle is luxuriously soft also towards the horse. 

• The softly padded, high cantle provides security and comfort.
• All the Trekker saddles have two pairs of stirrup hooks for individual needs.  

• The pommel width can be adjusted by winding the horizontal bar of the pommel. VIDEO

• Three Colours: Black /Brown / Two-tone black-brown. Other colours and suede available at request.

An example of a customized colour: a stunning Trekker Pony Talent in black and red!
Green, yellow and blue leather are also available.


No flap that would need space: easy to fit even on a short-backed pony with strong shoulders.

Suits ponies and horses of all types and sizes from Shetland Ponies to Shire Horses.



• Quality Cordura under the saddle. Lightweight and easy to maintain. 

Trekker Fenders With Knee Blocks 299.00 € / pair.
Softly padded and comfortable. 
Adjustable, removable knee blocks under the padded kneepad. 
Two lengths available: 44–54 cm / 55–60 cm. 

Trekker Fenders Video 1

Trekker Fenders Video 2 

Trekker Fenders Without Knee Blocks 199.00 € / pair.
Two lengths are available: 47–57 cm or 57–67 cm.

The Trekker is always a safe and ecological choice:
All the materials are European and are handled according to E.U. legislation,
with respect to the environment and workers' rights.

European design saddles of top quality:

All the Trekkers are handcrafted in the E.U by master artisans.

Trekker – the saddle of my life. 

Photos of the Pony Talent 
Photos of all the models

In order to protect your saddle and to keep it in good condition,
please do not grab the horizontal bar in the middle of the pommel when mounting your horse or carrying the saddle