A New Definition of Style!

Trekker Ultimate Luxury 1399

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All Trekkers suit horses of different widths from narrow to table-top. The saddle is flexible between the pommel and the cantle. It adapts under the rider's weight and follows the horse's contour smoothly.


You can adjust the soft and secure seat easily between 16"–18". VIDEO

No special pad is needed. The adjustable Trekker panels filled with soft foam distribute the rider weight on a large surface. The shock absorption is better than in hard-treed saddles. 

The amazing pommel can be adjusted between 26–36 cm by winding the part in the middle of the pommel: VIDEO 

Colours: Black / Havana Brown / Combination Black + Havana Brown. 

Made in the E.U. like all Trekker and Flexible Saddles. European quality for you and your horse.